‘Six Bricks’ EP pre-order and video drop….. Jugz X Parky!


2017 is set yo be a year of solid work from me… and the first instalment is the ‘Six Bricks‘ EP from myself Juga-Naut and Micall Parknsun. This project is crazy!! And im excited to say it will be released of all major outlets and platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.)

Info about the EP here:

‘Six Bricks’ EP is exclusive partnership between two of the UK’s leading Hip-Hop artists. Nottingham’s Juga-Naut & London’s Micall Parknsun. Named as such for its impeccably solid sound, style, content and delivery, ‘Six Bricks’ sets the foundation for a new era in Hip-Hop. Produced by Parky, co-production on ‘Gametime’ by Beat Butcha, lyrics by Jugz and featuring long-time partners in rhyme Scorzayzee, Tommy Nova, Vandal Savage and Cappo, this project captures the classic hip-hop sound infused with a modern potency that will carry it for years to come.

RELEASE DATE 25/03/2017

Pre-order the project here:

Stream single here:


Also to set of the release please check out the video ‘Build a Bridge’:

Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage – #KINGS – on SBTV!!

Big shoutout to SBTV for supporting the movement!!

Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage are two Nottingham artists that represent Hip-Hop in its purist form! True wordsmiths and beatsmiths.

This track is taken from Vandal Savage’s Debut ‘G.O.D.S.’ Watch out for Juga-Naut’s debut album ‘Time & Place’ and VVV Album ‘VVV BOZO BOYZ’ (VVV = Cappo, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage.)

Produced by Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage
Directed by Starbuckosta Nolan with help from Cappo & Juga-Naut

‘KINGS’ single is available from:


Short Film/Documentary – Floodplains Nightmare 5 – VVV

Floodplains Nightmare 5

This short film was retrieved from a VHS tape found floating in the River Trent, Nottingham. It was directed by notoriously mysterious director Starbuckosta Nolan and originally aired around 93 on VVV TV Channel . It is now been uploaded to YouTube for the world to see and now has been banned in the UK after winning Cannes Film Festival.

‘Being the Best is the Best Feeling’ – VigoVenkmanVorhes


2016 is going to be a CRAZY year.

‘Mango Juice’ Music Video from ‘STOLEN ART EP’

Video for ‘Mango Juice’ taken from Jugz new Stolen Art EP. Shot in Palma Mallorca.

Download ‘Stolen Art EP’ here: https://soundcloud.com/juganaut/sets/stolen-art-ep – and –  https://juganaut.bandcamp.com/album/stolen-art-ep

Stolen Art EP is a taster of what is going to come from Jugz this year. Lyricism and Classic beats.Putting it down how its supposed to be done and having fun with it as always!!!

Thanks to El Dia for shooting!

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