From Coast to Coast Sea to Shore… Two international Heavyweights do it like never before!!!!!!!!

Superb Emcee Tommy Nova Returns With The 6th Visual From His Massive “Chosen One Pt. 2” Project.This Time Around He Brings Along Nottingham UK’s Own Juga-Naut For The Global Onslaught!

Track Produced By : Juga-Naut
Shot And Directed By: Guy Jenkins(UK), Mark-A-Loota! And Tommy Nova.
Edited By : Tommy Nova

All Of Juga-Naut’s Scenes Shot By Guy Jenkins(UK) For Allergic Films.For All Inquiries Plese Contact Guy Jenkins At

All Of Tommy Nova Scenes Shot By Mark-A-Loota! Directed By Mark-A-Loota! And Tommy Nova For TN Films.For All Inquiries Please Contact Tommy Nova At

Tommy Nova – Chosen One Pt.2 (Hosted By Raekwon Da Chef)


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