With this jewel of an album, renaissance man Juga-Naut is back to claim his title as the undisputed heavyweight champion. The ultimate rapper’s rapper, this project showcases soul, lyricism, cultural critique, history, legacy, vision and style. At an age where others have fallen by the wayside, Jugz, at 30, is clearly now just hitting his stride. Self-produced except for some help by the powerhouse producer Stu Bangas on ’Worthy’ and ‘One Tonne’, ‘Bem’ calls on cream of the crop UK soul artists Liam Bailey and Tyler Daley, crowd favourites Vandal Savage and Tommy Nova, as well as talented upcoming British emcees Taja and Oliver Rees to complement and enhance this offering. Virtuoso Jugz gives you a grown up album, opening the door to the new decade in his life and for the culture. This album is his birthday present to you.

This album is best listened to in 2020 before you ask Jugz if he’s still doing music. This album was mostly recorded wearing some kind of Ralph Lauren item while drinking double-shot Lavazza Americano’s. If you burn this album to CD-R and play it in a red Subaru estate, you will evolve.

Album Features: Liam Bailey, Tyler Daley (Children of Zeus), Tommy Nova, Vandal Savage, Taja, Oliver Rees, Stickman (the father of JUGZ)

Released February 25, 2020. Written, performed and produced by Juga-Naut.
‘Worthy’ and ‘One Tonne’ produced by Stu Bangas.
Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Juga-Naut at VVVISIONS Arthouse Studios. Thank you to all featuring artists.
Artwork by Juga-Naut , 2020.





Two Giants of the UK Connect……

Back To The Grill Again’ is the combined effort of two of the UK’s leading Hip-Hop artists. With production by Giallo Point and rhymes by Juga-Naut, this album is an electric journey through good times, culture, emotions, food, flyness, family and fortune.
This is Juga-Naut’s most mature work to date, lyrically excelling over Giallo’s smooth beats. It is an interplay of summertime evoking, Fender Rhodes-filled production, golden era classic bangers, eloquent intricate wordplay and catchy choruses.
‘Back To The Grill Again’ is an album you will return to time and time again, taking you back to the essence of Hip-Hop without leaving you in the past. This masterpiece of modern Hip-Hop is evidence that the essence of this globally influential culture is still well and truly alive. ‘Back to the Grill Again’ also features the legendary Milano Constantine, Scorzayzee, SmooVth, Napoleon Da Legend, Vandal Savage, and

Over the past five years both Jugz and Giallo have accumulated genuine momentum worldwide with a plethora of consistently stellar releases. Jugz has self released numerous albums both solo and as a member of supergroup VVV (with Cappo & Vandal Savage). He has played major U.K. stages, supporting Hip-Hop royalty such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, Ghostface Killah, and more. Giallo has produced for artists including the likes of SmooVth, Hus Kingpin, Planet Asia, Big Twinz, Roc Marciano, and is a DMC World DJ finalist. He works closely with Crate Divizion and is known for his hard, gritty, smooth and intricate beats since 2004.

Written and performed by Juga-Naut , produced and cuts by Giallo Point – Crate Divizion
Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Juga-Naut at VVVISIONS Arthouse Studios
Thank you to all featuring artists.
Artwork by Juga-Naut – 2019

Major salute to TUFF KONG RECORDS – Im the first UK Emcee on the label!!!!



‘A bon vivant enjoys fine dining, socialising and traveling in style — in general, he prefers the most luxurious experiences. The phrase is French, meaning “one fond of good living” or “one who lives well,”

This album is a true representation of Jugz as a fully rounded artist up to this point. A true embodiment of good times, food, love, art, travel and passion. ‘Bon Vivant’ brings together all the signature styles Jugz is known for and displays his lyricism, whit, thought process and braggadocio.

Features: Scorzayzee | Cappo | Vandal Savage | Tommy Nova

Production: Juga-Naut | Capo | Joe Buhdha | Micall Parknson | Mr Brown | Hayabusa 

Artwork by Davinia Jackson & Juga-Naut. Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Juga-Naut

Much love and respect to everyone involved, all family and good friends.

And than you for the support.