‘A bon vivant enjoys fine dining, socialising and traveling in style — in general, he prefers the most luxurious experiences. The phrase is French, meaning “one fond of good living” or “one who lives well,”

This album is a true representation of Jugz as a fully rounded artist up to this point. A true embodiment of good times, food, love, art, travel and passion. ‘Bon Vivant’ brings together all the signature styles Jugz is known for and displays his lyricism, whit, thought process and braggadocio.

Features: Scorzayzee | Cappo | Vandal Savage | Tommy Nova

Production: Juga-Naut | Capo | Joe Buhdha | Micall Parknson | Mr Brown | Hayabusa 

Artwork by Davinia Jackson & Juga-Naut. Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Juga-Naut

Much love and respect to everyone involved, all family and good friends.

And than you for the support.